Hello there, and welcome to my wellbeing and poetry site.

Im Bernie – from Ireland but since 2018 I’ve been living in England with my husband and our two little girls 🙂

My background is in finance. After no longer being happy working in a senior position within the corporate world (my heart just wasn’t in it and never really was to be honest) I took redundancy, and went back to college, followed my heart and completed a Bsc (Hons) (Health, Social Care & Psychology) and also a diploma in counselling studies. During my studies I worked part time as a community outreach worker for a charity, in an area to reduce social isolation within the community and also volunteered for childrens charities.

I’m extremely passionate about helping others and making a positive impact to peoples lives.

Follow your heart


‘You’ hold the key

Other than my love of writing and reading poetry: I enjoy cardmaking (love anything crafty) and walks in nature with my beautiful family. I also love having a laugh – who doesn’t love a bit of banter: and nothing like curling up on that couch (after a busy day), watching a good show on netflix or reading a great book.

So thats me in a nutshell. I hope my site has a positive impact, providing some helpful tips on wellbeing, my own poetry: and on this journey of life ‘you’ and I are both travelling on.

Thank ‘you’ for visiting my site.

Stay safe, keep smiling, be kind to yourself, others and follow your heart ❤

The journey of life

And its lessons are endless

‘Go’ with

Every step of this journey