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Moving country, self-care and the simple things in life!

Hello there you!

When I first moved from Ireland to England in 2018 (and 15 weeks pregnant with our second child) we were so busy moving into a new home, registering with a maternity hospital, my husband starting work, running after a busy toddler and settling into our new surroundings (quite alot going on eh).. But being near my husbands parents really helped. Support is so important during times of “change”.


When our second child arrived, the anxiety hit me like something else. Then the pandemic hit. I was overwhelmed during these unprecedented times (we all relate to this from lockdown don’t we!) and having had two children under two, while settling into a new country.

When you always try to be this “perfect” person and trying to do everything “right”, you ignore your internal feelings, while running on auto-pilot, therefore causing burnout. Ignoring “your” own needs. It’s not selfish prioritising your health. When doing so, you show up as the best person possible for your family and most importantly “yourself”.

Self-care is crucial for your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Should it be exercise, reading a book, a solo walk in nature with your own thoughts, being present and fully absorbing the moment with that hot cup of tea! It can be so simple but making all the difference!

Writing for me is cathartic and part of my self-care routine.  It’s an incredible way to process overwhelming feelings. Sometimes, it really is hard to get those words out, isn’t it? I had never written poetry before this pandemic: and oh my goodness how much you get from putting pen to paper and letting your thoughts flow and with such honesty.

I wrote the following poem last year, reminding myself on the importance of the “simple” little things in life.

The simple things

Now is a time to reflect and enjoy
the simple things that bring us much joy.
Lost in the moment, stay safe and be kind,
Dig deep from within, embrace what we find.

Pandemic is here, to stay for some time,
We learn to adapt, find comfort through rhyme
Laugh, joke, connect a bit more,
Stay safe as we pass through each other’s door.

A world we’re now asked to follow advice,
But never look back or ever think twice.
Simple things we learn to adore,
In a time we are still like never before.

Between moving country, settling into new surroundings and riding the choppy waves during these unprecedented times; writing is my therapy and part of my self-care ritual.

You realise how rich you really are when you practice gratitude and enjoy the simple things in life!!

Have you gone through changes/moved country recently?  What self-care routine do you enjoy?

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy the simple things and look after your body!

Have a beautiful day ❤

14 replies on “Moving country, self-care and the simple things in life!”

Aww, you. Thanks for this. Me, not in a very very long time did I move. Say something like 3 decades ago. 😂
And having my husband’s family was indeed a lifesaving experience.
And now that I’m replanted and grounded here, and decades ahead of you where child rearing is concerned, I too find my balance in writing.
I never did when my children were little. I had so much to learn then: the custom, the language, the homework, the living and enjoying our two little boys— everything — that writing would have not been feasible for me. So I didn’t.
And I have no regrets — not a one about that.
I wrote an article a while back (that needs updating and repurposing, I suppose). I think you might enjoy it. If you have the time and are so inclined, I will link you to it.
It is relevant because it tells you of how I became undone, went on to deflate, and came to find a wellspring of new energy that slowly seeped into me. I let calm in. A true story.
It’s a tad bit long. (That’s why I need to repurpose)
Hope you enjoy it. All the best.
I loved this post. And that poem: stellar. Adore it. Thanks. xoxo

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Sounds like you had so much to learn when you moved countries especially with a new language and the custom. It’s lovely you found writing as your balance now your boys are reared 😁. I do most of my writing at night when girls are asleep! I must check that article out properly when I can sit down and give it my full attention 🙂.. As always, thank you so much for your comments and it was great learning about the time you moved. Have a beautiful weekend Selma ❤

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