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My first attempt at a Villanelle…

Hello there you and hope your day is good to you..

This was my first attempt at trying a Villanelle. This was a prompt set by themumpoempress (a lovely poetry writing club for mums that I’m part of)

Now, it was a challenging form to do that’s for sure, but also fun. Great way to keep you focussed on technique, rhyme and structure. I had a headache after that little creative burst from all that focussing!!

Of course, I based it on this awful past 18 months of (dare I say it?) Covid (I said it)

Please let me know your thoughts – and do you enjoy playing about with different forms?

Have a great day and keep writing ❤

11 replies on “My first attempt at a Villanelle…”

Oh yea. Very nice. You rocked that one. Keep going. A slight headache 🤕 you said? The cure is in writing another one.
Just don’t go lightly into the Sestina Patch. That one will make you blow a fuse. I know.
Well, forget what I just said, go write a Sestina. I’m sure you’re better than I could ever be. Please give me the heads up when you get there, please. 👏
Happy writing, dear friend.
(All advice to be taken with a grain of 🧂 salt) Here’s looking at you. xoxo 💋

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Thank you so much Selma. I’ll have a migraine after the Sestina Patch 🤣. Need to put that on my list to do next then so (at some stage 😉). Fair play to you doing that..Can’t beat a good challenge. Have a great day and thanks again for your kind and encouraging comments 😊❤

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Hey, Bernie. Can you indulge me: a question. How did you repost this article? I’ve been seeing people do that recently. The original date remains unchanged. Yet I get new notifications that you posted. How come? What? How do you get that to happen?
Do tell. Thanks, dearie.
Be well. Good night.


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