Feeling nostalgic about my travelling/backpacking days, before social media and places of tranquility that stood out for me!

Thinking back to my travelling/backpacking days (a big passion of mine back in the early 2000’s) there were certain places that stood out as tranquil. For me, these places were:

  • Uluru in Australia
  • Ningaloo reef – swimming/snorkelling along the west coast of Australia
  • Falling asleep in swags under the stars, along the Great Ocean Road (pure bliss)
  • Sunrise at Machu Picchu after a tough 3 day trek
  • Camping in Chiang Mai Thailand
  • Interlaken Switzerland
  • Lake Matheson (reflection lake) New Zealand
  • Trindade Brazil (when it was so quiet while swimming through the warmest of waters with a small group of people in the rain)

These places for me were the epitome of tranquility πŸ™.

I’ve travelled with friends and also alone. I enjoyed both and for different reasons.

Out of all the places I’ve travelled, its the peaceful, relaxing journeys that stand out as memorable. Oh I enjoyed the nights out, parties, crazy activities (bungy jumping in Nevis & sky diving) and a bit of banter when travelling, who doesn’t/didn’t? But the natural places of beauty, the outdoors and camping trips are what stands out from my backpacking days!

Do you remember before social media? Social media wasn’t a thing back in my backpacking days and I also had one of those cameras that needed photo films (very old school!) as digital cameras were only just starting out then. I had about twenty films to process once I returned home to Ireland (the excitement of waiting to see how those photos turned out). How times have changed so much over the past twenty years!

When all this Covid is over πŸ™ I look forward to when we can take our girls to outdoorsy weekend breaks away in peaceful places of natural beauty, and back to where I grew up in beautiful Ireland. For now, we’re enjoying whats on our very own doorstep!

A river flowing

Calm through emerald valleys

Of tranquility

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day. Stay safe, be kind, keep smiling and hope ‘you’ find moments of peace and stillness throughout.

What places of tranquilty stick out for ‘you’ when you travelled/backpacked and do you prefer travelling solo or with groups?

12 replies on “Feeling nostalgic about my travelling/backpacking days, before social media and places of tranquility that stood out for me!”

Thank you Ashok πŸ™β€.. My little girls are 2 (turned 2 last week) and Isla turning 4 in 2 weeks time. I hope you are doing ok and Its upsetting seeing how bad India is at the moment with Covid ❀

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I see a new flavour to the post Bernie 😊
I too have thousands of pics from my cameras with rolls of films. And I have lost many digital pics.
You have traveled a lot. Me too … there are many divine and serene hill towns in India. My favourite is Kumaon hills in North India. I would need to write multiple posts to talk about all the beautiful places in the world 😊
I visited London only once and long long back. Need to visit England again …


Been to so many places, like yourself Ashok 😊.. All the pics are in actual albums & I do love flicking through them at times πŸ€— Its so beautiful to experience the many different cultures & landscapes as well as the amazing people/friends you meet along the way. India was a place always on my list… I hope you are keeping well, despite everything at the moment… Stay safe, sending hope and prayers πŸ™πŸ’–

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